Shopping blues

I tell people my MS symptoms aren’t that bad. Many people with the disease have it much worse than I do. All that is true, but for me it’s the small inconveniences that get me down.

Shop ’till I drop

Shopping for clothes used to be fun. I can’t count how many hours I spent with my mother in malls and big retail stores. I remember us going around looking for bargains on back-to-school wear. Designer jeans were a must for me in the early 80s. I owned the requisite headbands, neon sweatshirts, and even a pair of parachute pants.


The blogger in 1980s attire.

I’m reminded of how much I loved paging through Seventeen Magazine. I thought that having the right clothes would make me feel the way the models looked. Unfortunately, trying to emulate those fashion models only led me to feel too fat and not pretty enough.


These days shopping is difficult because MS fatigue makes it so. Things will be fine for the first 15 or 20 minutes of being in the store. If I know exactly what I’m looking for, I can make my purchases and get out without a problem.

Trip to Goodwill

I went to Goodwill the other day. The goal was to buy some jeans. I like shopping for clothes there because it feels like it’s somewhat removed from the sweatshop produced clothing that I might find in one of the popular chain stores.

So, I easily found some jeans (supposedly) in my size. I brought 5 pairs to the dressing room. Two fit and three did not. I was beginning to tire at this point, but I was on a mission.

I found another four pairs and went back to the dressing room. This time all of the selections fit (for the most part).

Now my legs are fairly fatigued and my balance is getting a little wobbly. The hard part was over, but I could use some tops. So now I’m browsing the shirt racks while holding six pairs of jeans. Luckily my husband is there to relieve me of my load while I continue shopping.

Finally, I decide to call it quits. We head to the checkout and stand in line. My walk to the car is slow and careful. Uneven surfaces are not my friend.

Time to go home and sit for about half an hour. I’ll have to rest before taking a shower, because that can take a lot out of me too.

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