Bacon, vision, and being mindful

Bacon in frying pan

Several years ago, I noticed that there was a lot of talk on the internet about bacon. I don’t know if it was something that the bacon cartel engineered, or if all the talk about the breakfast staple came about organically. It feels like a ”bro” culture type of thing.

I like bacon. I eat it sparingly, usually when I have breakfast at a sit-down restaurant. I had some at Bob Evans yesterday evening with my goat cheese veggie omelet, hash browns, and toast. Real butter on toast can be such a delight!

I!d like to do some real cooking. I’d like to have a new kitchen, and an art studio, and a dance studio. I should make a vision board to manifest the things I want.

Illustration: pig and woman in lotus position

I discovered a part paranormal, part true-crime podcast called And That’s Why We Drink. The hosts, Christine and Em have spoken about using vision boards. It seems to work for them, so I may as well give one a try.

I recommend you give the show a listen.

Circling back to bacon. We can speak about the cured meat cavalierly, but we don’t think about the pig who lost its life. I’m no vegetarian, but I probably should be. Who am I to snatch away the life of a living creature? Maybe if you eat meat, think about what you’re eating.

Maybe give some thought to all that you do. Mindfulness, grasshopper.

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