Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner-2018 Week 41


Pair of tennis shoes

Lela sat on the couch and reached under the end table for her tennis shoes. Her fingers found a sizable dust bunny, but no shoes.

”Again?” she asked as she dropped to the floor to have a look.

For the last month, items in Lela’s apartment had been vanishing and then reappearing hours or days later. Things had gotten weird since she brought that mirror home from the flea market.

The mirror was the cheap kind you get at Walmart. The type of mirror that isn’t supposed to be haunted. This one was.

After confirming that the shoes were not under the table, Lela stood and stomped over to the closet door where the mirror hung.

”Ok ghost!” she growled, peering into the mirror.

”I’ve had enough of this hide and seek business!”

Lela shuddered as the room temperature plummeted by twenty degrees. Perhaps yelling at ghosts is a bad idea.

Lela noticed that the lights dimmed. No, it wasn’t the lights, it was her. Her reflection in the mirror was fading!

Too stunned to panic, she calmly watched herself disappear completely. Moments later, she found herself on the couch. The missing tennis shoes were on her feet.

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