At the end of Sunset

My father used to live in a duplex apartment at the end of Sunset Ave. in Bloomington. The street was aptly named. I took this photo six years ago, when Dad was pretty healthy and strong. He may have been visiting his sister in Atlanta on this day.

With Words

I’ve seen many crows flying around in my town for the last few days. These are sizable birds. When I see birds I think they must have a message for me. Maybe some of them do. Crows are able to recognize people’s faces. Is there a crow out there that knows me? My life as […]

Weird ramble on the paranormal

I turned my face to the sky. It was blue (the sky, not my face). I wondered if any of the clouds were spaceships in disguise. You see, I listen to a lot of podcasts about things strange and paranormal I read The Mothman Prophecies. Did you know that ultra terrestrials have been visiting us […]

Stress Source

I stupidly fired up the old Twitter app this morning and got involved in a thread (reading not tweeting) about how a certain newly-elected Latina congresswoman used the wrong word when referring to the different parts of the federal government. Suffice it to say that a lot of people are just awful. I allowed myself […]

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