Weird ramble on the paranormal

I turned my face to the sky.

It was blue (the sky, not my face).

I wondered if any of the clouds were spaceships in disguise.

Flying saucer

You see, I listen to a lot of podcasts about things strange and paranormal

I read The Mothman Prophecies.

Did you know that ultra terrestrials have been visiting us for centuries?

They pop in from another dimension and take the form of faeries, or reptilians, or the ones that look Scandinavian.

We can’t get good pictures of Bigfoot because he’s from a different dimension.q

There’s the man who traveled to Japan from a country that didn’t exist.

There’s the school teacher with a doppelganger problem.

Look it up!

Don’t get me started on pre-birth planning and reincarnation

The whole thing is a fabulous mystery.

Here’s a list of resources on the paranormal.

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