Hack your existence

Hey, you’re chewing gum wrong!

Tie your shoes like this and get happy.

Your orgasms could use a refresh.

Don’t drink juice while looking at a bird, unless it’s a cockatiel, but only on Thursdays. 


Can’t get along with your boss? Blame your pants!

Talk to your milk to get stronger bones.

Did mice cause World War I?

Surprise him with a giant squid!

Learn the secrets of electron microscopy.

Scare yourself sexy!

Stop doing everything now!

You can do everything all the time if you keep trying to stop trying.

Take advantage of the Mandela effect before it’s too late.

Embrace shame for quicker weight loss.

Feet on bathroom scale

Defying gravity is easier than you think.

Can cats cure diabetes? We asked 10 millennials.

Stuff 30 grapes in your mouth for better gas mileage.

Is your boyfriend a wombat? Take this quiz to find out!

Sign: Wombats next 10 km

Is excessive masturbation the cause of climate change?

Finding 10 reasons to hate yourself is just as easy as you thought.

Learn to give by taking.

Is eating cereal on a plate the next big thing?

109 reasons you’re not Beyoncé.

Can you become Beyoncé? We asked Dr. Oz.

Surprise him with a basket of spiders!

Public orgasms. Can the government prevent them?

Are you taking enough advice from Reddit users? Find out what the experts think.

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