Me being me

I think of so much to write about when I’m in bed at night. I think deeply and poetically. Now, with the iPad on my lap, I have little to say.

I was posting a lot to the blog a few months ago. I felt I was at the threshold of bringing my blog to the next level (whatever that means). Then I slacked off. I told myself it was okay not to post several times a week. It is okay.

I wrote about watching a Ruth Soukup webinar on blogging. What I learned from the webinar made me wonder if I really do want to be a full-time blogger. Would it be enough to continue being a hobby blogger? I wouldn’t mind earning a bit of extra money with ads and affiliate programs. Am I giving up because it might be too hard? Maybe.

Here’s an article with advice for bloggers interested in affiliate marketing.

It’s always the same for me. I have too many interests, and not enough focus. A couple of weeks ago I got excited about digital scrapbooking—again. I’m paying for monthly unlimited downloads from Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking. Am I going to make it worth the money? I really don’t know.

I’m probably not going to magically transform into a person who focuses on one hobby. I’ve been like this for almost fifty years. I need to learn to embrace my quirks. What else can one do?

I reckon I’ll keep on keeping on. I’ll try and entertain the world with my hodgepodgey all over the place musings, poems, artwork, etc. I can only be me.

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