Cut letters: all the feels

Jumping in with my Cricut

Just so ya know, his post is chock-full of affiliate links.

I got my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine for Christmas. On that day, I made the sample project. Then I avoided using it for months because I was scared.

Greeting card
Sample project.

It’s kind of an intimidating device. The Cricut Design Space™ software can be confusing. I tried playing around with it, but it doesn’t behave like other applications I use. Thank goodness for video tutorials like these: Cricut Design Space App for IPad Video

Now that I’m in the Cricut affiliate program, it’s time to start using the thing. So yesterday, I decided to do something simple just to get a feel for it.

I created some text in the Design Space iPad app and went for it. Here are some highlights.

Cricut Design Space interface.
Ready to cut!
Cricut in action.
Cut letters: all the feels
It worked!
Using spatula to lift paper off of cutting mat.
Love the spatula!
Cut letters: all the feels
All the feels!

My next project will be a birthday card for my cousin. Gotta get started on that soon.

Cupcake birthday card.
My next project.

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