FOTD May 31: Tickseeds (Coreopsis)

For Cee’s May 31 FOTD. More flowers at Oliver Winery.

Feeling the heat

This heat wave is reminding me that I have MS. It’s not that I forget I have the disease. I remember it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I take my Copaxone injection. I remember it when I’m walking around the gym on wobbly legs. You get the picture. My mild disability makes itself known […]

Paper doll card

Nestling Dolls

My second card I decided to try one of Cricut’s free projects to get more experience with my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine. It’s marked as an “easy” project, and the cutting part is easy. Putting the thing together was a different story. The instructions for assembling the card were pretty sparse. I thought I […]

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