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A card making strategy

I was rocking the Cricut machine this weekend! I’ve devised a strategy (sort of) for making a lot of cards—keep it simple. I searched Design Space for Christmas cards that didn’t look complicated.

I found a couple that looked simple, but they called for ‘print then cut.’ My printer doesn’t like taking cardstock, so I moved on. It would be great if you could filter Design Space search results by factors like level of difficulty.

I got to thinking about what value I can add to the Cricut community. I’m probably never going to become one of the power users you see on YouTube like Tanner Bell.

What I can do is show you how to make the most of your machine if you don’t plan to be an expert. So, today I’ll share a few projects that are easy to make. And I’ll show you how they came out for me.

Easy Christmas cards

  • Christmas tree card
  • Christmas wreath card
  • Reindeer card
  • Simple Christmas Trees card

Cards I made this weekend

I may not have gotten the layers in the right order.
I got out my rubber stamps for this one!
This one is almost too simple.
I particularly like this one.
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