I love making cards with my Cricut!

My Christmas card project is well underway! I made five cards this past weekend with my Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine. Plus, l earned a few things in the process.

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Things I learned

  • I was delighted find out that when you increase the number of project copies, Design Space puts multiple images on one mat. That saves you time and paper. If I had gone through the Design Space for Beginners videos, I probably would have known this trick.
Screenshot of Design Space canvas
Screenshot of Design Space canvas
The project is small enough that this image fits five times on 12 x 12 paper.
  • The other thing I learned is that I love making cards. It’s a nice feeling to love an activity. I don’t think I ever got this feeling when I was making jewelry.

One more thing

  • I tried to embellish the trees with glitter. I wanted to try embossing, but my only embossing supply is a heat gun. The glitter experiment didn’t go so well.
Card with failed glitter application attempts
Various attempts at using glitter. Not good.

I decided to buy some supplies on Amazon. The quest continues!

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