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Paper flower bouquet, first try

The project


The cutting was easy. Putting the thing together is another story. The project’s instructions point you to this Giant Flowers Handbook. It was not helpful to me. I don’t learn well from these types of materials.

Giant Flowers handbook cover
Cover of handbook

I found a video on YouTube.

It helped me understand how the pieces come together, but I ran into some problems that I’ll need to overcome. My biggest issue was with liquid glue and hot glue. Liquid glue made the bits that need to poke through slots too flexible. Hot glue is probably the way to go, but my hot glue gun skills are lacking. I came across these hot glue tools that I’ll probably purchase next week.

I will not be defeated by this project! Well, I might be defeated, but I’m going to keep at it for a while. Paper flowers will be my new obsession.

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