A big decision (301 words)

She woke to the sound of glass breaking. Or, was it a ringing phone? Where was her phone? She needed to check the time.
She looked down at the sheet that was covering her naked body. This sheet was not familiar. Looking around, she realized that this was not her bedroom. Then she wondered why she was naked. She never slept naked.

She closed her eyes and tried to think. What happened last night? When she reached into her mind to recall a time prior to this rude awakening, there was nothing. “This is crazy,” she whispered to herself. And then, a dreadful thought, “what’s my name?”

She scrambled out of the bed in a panic and hastily covered herself with the sheet. She began to search the room for some clue as to what was happening. Where were her clothes and her phone? “How can you not know your name, but know that you have a phone?”

She found no clothes, but on a table next to the bed was a phone. Recognizing it, she picked up the device that seemed familiar but somehow, wrong. The sight of a Hello Kitty sticker on the back of the phone was comforting for a moment, but she realized that this was her old flip phone. The one she got rid of years ago when she upgraded to an iPhone.

“How, what?” she said to the empty room. Her trembling hands opened the phone, and the screen came to life, revealing a text message. It read Welcome to your new life. If you wish to continue, simply open the door and live your new reality. If you want to forfeit this opportunity for rebirth, return to the bed and go back to sleep. You have ten minutes to decide.

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2 thoughts on “A big decision (301 words)

  1. Oh my – what a scary situation for her to be in! Will there be another part to this story – what was her decision? 🙂

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