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NaNo Fail 2012

I wrote a few character studies when I attempted NaNoWriMo in 2012. This is one of them.

Marizol pushed and pushed with all of her might, with all the strength she had, with strength she didn’t have. The incredible pain seemed to contribute to her power. Marizol knew she would have this baby, and she knew she would die before having a chance to hold it in her arms. She dreamed it the night before.

In the dream, her grandmother Carolina came to her and told her that she, Marizol, would soon be coming to join her lost loved ones in “the world that comes after.” That’s how Carolina said it. Marizol knew that her grandmother would never lie to her, so when she awoke, she was convinced the dream was not a dream but a visitation. Her mother was sitting at her bedside. She saw that Marizol was crying and began to comfort her daughter. She assumed the tears were for the sudden tragic death of her husband in America. Marizol had coped relatively well with the loss. But her mother worried about her health and the health of the baby.

“This is the type of thing that causes miscarriage,” she whispered to her husband after they received the news of Robert’s death.

Now that she had heard the details of Marizol’s dream, she was worried, but she pretended not to be.

“It’s just a dream, my love. You studied psychology in school. You understand that dreams are just manifestations of our worries and fears.”

Wanting to believe her mother was right, Marizol dried her tears and drifted back to sleep. She wasn’t sad so much for the loss of her life, but the idea that she would never hold her newborn child.

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