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Aperture Exercise

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Lesson 3. The Creative Zone

Lesson three covers the basics of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The homework for the lesson is to go outside and take pictures with the camera in aperture priority mode. You’re meant to start with the widest aperture setting and work down to the smallest setting. Remember, the bigger the number, the smaller the aperture.

Aperture setting chart

It was too cold and rainy on Friday for me to go outside, so I did what I could in my building at work. I definitely needed more light, but I was able to take a few shots at different settings. My battery was dying, so I had to cut the exercise short.

Items on desk
ISO 400 f/4.0
Items on desk
ISO 400 f/4.5
Items on desk
ISO 400 f/18
Items on desk
ISO 400 f/20
Items on desk
IS0 400 f/22

I added a shot made with my phone for comparison.

Items on desk
iPhone 6S Plus camera

What I learned

  • I learned how to change my ISO setting. I put it at 400.
  • I got more comfortable adjusting the camera’s settings.
  • Using the monitor instead of the viewfinder drains the battery too fast (maybe).
  • The larger aperture worked best in this lighting situation.

Next steps

I plan to keep trying this exercise until knowing which aperture setting to use becomes second-nature. Then I’ll move on to the next lesson.

Find more of my photos here.

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