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Easy projects follow-up

I posted about trying a few Cricut Community projects from Cricut Design Space™.

Treat Box

The Christmas tree treat boxes by Shannon Allen, were easy, once I figured out how to assemble them. There were no instructions and I started to wonder if I’m too stupid for paper crafting. When I noticed the score lines, things fell into place. I think my boxes turned out pretty cute. The chances of me making treat boxes for my coworkers is zero, so this was just a fun exercise.

3D Treat Box

This one might be good for children. Just cut the pieces with your machine, do a demo, and then pass it to the kids. Of course, your probably don’t want to have piles of candy available to a room full of children.

Triple Ornament

This one had me confused, but I finally figured it out. My first mistake was using liquid glue. I tried again with hot glue (and my new tools). It got better, but it wasn’t good.

The hot glue tools

I ordered the hot glue tool set from an Etsy shop called Hot Glue Gun Helpers. I’m not an affiliate, but I do recommend this product. I still need to work on my glue gun technique, but I’m on my way!

Now there’s no excuse for getting back to the flower bouquet project.

An attempt at the flower bouquet

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