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I belong to the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, but you might not know it. I haven’t posted about my life with MS for quite a while.

I think I know why

For me, MS is not that bad. My main symptoms are a weird walk and fatigue that makes it hard for me to exercise the way I used to. The general fatigue that many people with MS talk about is not something that affects me too much. That’s especially true now that summer is over.

I have enough energy to cook healthy meals regularly. I’ve been sleeping better. Sleep aids (muscle relaxer or antihistamine) make me wake up halfway through the night, so I avoid them as much as I can.

Honestly, I could forget that I have MS. I remember when I get the uncomfortable tinging sensation from sitting for too long. I remember when I get off the treadmill and have to be really careful not to fall over because my spastic leg muscles are not working the way leg muscles should.

So, I’m questioning my status as a “chronic illness blogger.”

It’s like I’m questioning the legitimacy of my experience. What can I do?


What if I write about the things that I can do? I can talk about my approach to fitness. I can share my tips on eating better. I can talk about my inner conflict about using disabled parking spots. I can talk about mental health (depression tends to creep into and out of my life.)

It looks like writing this post helped me figure things out. Who would have thunk it?

While you’re here, check out this review I wrote about a yoga program designed for people with a chronic illness.

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