New Year, Same Me?

Making New Year’s resolutions is probably a good way to set yourself up for disappointment and failure. I’m going to do it anyway.

This is my list of goals for 2020, and some preliminary strategies for accomplishing said goals.

1) Grow my blog audience and earn some money

It will take some work, but I know this is something I can achieve. Here are some things I can do to become a better blogger.

  • Read, like, comment, and connect in the blogosphere
  • Create quality content
  • Write more fiction and poetry
  • Participate in more challenges
  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it
  • Learn more about affiliate marketing

2) Focus on healthy eating

I want to have a better relationship with food. That means more enjoying and less worrying.

  • Try more Instant Pot recipes
  • Stock up on frozen veggies
  • Drink more water
  • Drink more tea

3) Build my skills

I plan to make the most of my Bluprint Premium subscription and get a little better at some of the things I enjoy like:

Photography, Art, Writing, and more.

Screenshot of bluprint home page
Get started with bluprint!

4) Probably more

I know there are more things I’d like to add to the list, but the post is long enough. Maybe I can focus on the top three for a start.

Let’s have a great 2020! Remember to be kind to yourself and others.

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