Blogging: Is it worth the effort?

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So, I’ve been blogging for almost as long as blogs have existed. I don’t fully understand what compels me to keep doing it. Now that I’m trying to make a little money with affiliate marketing, my hobby is becoming an obligation.

I signed up for a special price on Ultimate Bundles to get resources on blogging. Now I have access to a huge amount of content until the beginning of July. Did I waste my money?

Miscellaneous objects

I’m enrolled in a course on affiliate marketing. So far I have learned my affiliate links need to have rel=”nofollow” in the html for a kind of confusing SEO reason. It’s a bit of a hassle to add. If I did this full time it would be less of an issue.

I begin to wonder if I should just quit the affiliate stuff? It seems like I can’t be successful if I don’t pursue it with full steam.

I’m also considering making this blog more focused. I could easily do only crafty things here, and then post photos and poetry somewhere else.

And then there’s the blogging about MS that I’m supposed to be doing.

There is oh so much to ponder.

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