Decisions in scrapbooking

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I wrote about my entry into the world of traditional scrapbooking a few weeks ago. I had two photos of my mother and a preliminary layout.

Scrapbook layout

Some reasons I didn’t like it:

  • I thought the paper was too flimsy
  • The photos tended to curl up
  • The washi tape wouldn’t stay down
  • I don’t really know what I’m doing

So, I decided to start over.

Strips of patterned paper adhered to cardstock

To get past the flimsy paper problem, I decided to glue scrapbook paper onto a page of cardstock. This was not at all interesting, so I pulled out some acrylic paint. And ended up with this.

I made a little frame using paper from the Rob & Bob Stamped Bloom collection. I’m still not thrilled, but I might be working my way toward a style.

There’s a bluprint course, Bright Ideas: Mixed Media for Every Project, that might help me figure things out. Here’s a screenshot.

Screenshot of bluprint video course
From the third episode, Acrylic Color & Texture

As my crafting journey continues, I’m finding out what brings me the most joy. I suppose that’s a reason to keep going.

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