Digital painting

I ruined my hobby!

I’m Done

I have quit affiliate marketing. Here are some of the reasons.

  • I have a day job, so there’s not enough time to devote to blogging.
  • I wasn’t willing to focus on one topic.
  • Blogging began to feel like an obligation.
  • I felt like I was letting the affiliate programs down by not posting enough.
  • I’m just not a great Cricut user.
  • I wasn’t making any money and I never would given the other reasons on the list.

Basically, I turned a pleasant hobby into a source of stress. The fact that I work from home now was another factor. After sitting at the computer in my make-shift home office, I’m ready to stop sitting at a computer.

Plus, there are days when I just don’t feel like doing anything because the world is awful and there’s no point to anything.

Digital  painting
Made with SketchClub and Oilist for iPad.

I’m Scared

When I hear about people not social distancing and refusing to wear masks it makes me think that this country will never recover from the pandemic. I’m not sure we deserve to recover.

What Can I Do?

It sounds like I’m in a dark place doesn’t it? I’m okay most days. I know that doing my part to make the world a better place would improve my mental health. Can I do that with this blog? Am I going to get through this? One way or another I reckon we all will.

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