Lost lens

The day started out good. I didn’t oversleep, I had made my lunch the night before, Sadie did her #2 business earlier that morning when my husband took her out. All I needed to do was take a shower, get dressed, and let the dogs pee. No problem, I thought. So I put some dog […]


How do I do it?

This will maybe be a stream-of-consciousness kind of post, but I’ve already edited myself a couple of times, so maybe it won’t. For some reason the question “how do I do it?” came to mind. What is this “it” that I wonder about? How does anybody do anything? When you think you’re going to write in […]

Elephants, the Olympics, and something great

I’m inspired Always inspired To create something great To be great and prove it to the world Proving Myself That’s the thing. I’ve always felt the need to prove myself; to whom I don’t know. Maybe, if I were more religious, I would want to prove myself to God. But does God really need that? […]

Is it beauty that I’m thinking of?

What is beauty? I asked this question thinking I’d be on the way to a fascinating blog post about beauty. I Googled the word beauty, found a Wikipedia article, and started reading.  It begins, “Beauty (also called prettiness, loveliness or comeliness) is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a […]

This is mundane

I’m peering over the top of my monitor, looking at the back of the monitor two desks away. It’s a Dell. I’m looking at the silvery, shiny elevator door and the white up and down arrows above the door. Neither arrow is lit. The screen between the arrows is displaying a number one. This is […]


-Describe each day of the week as if it was a person. A writing prompt found here: Monday has a bit of an attitude problem. He hates everybody and everything (including himself). He grips his coffee mug as he stomps around the office. If someone says hello to him he pretends everything is fine and […]

Close your eyes, think of an object: writing prompt

The black chair It’s not leather but it’s supposed to look like leather. Cammie, our chihuahua, has claimed the chair as her own. She sleeps in it everyday. When she’s in it, all curled up, you almost can’t see her because her dark brown (almost black) fur blends into the faux leather. The chair has […]

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