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I like to write, dance, create arty stuff and learn as much as I can about all sorts of things. I am someone who wants to do more. I have a lot of interests and not enough time to pursue them. Mostly I'm trying to figure out how to navigate my way through this existence. Writing helps me to read the map.

I live in Bloomington, Indiana and work at Indiana University. I've been in Indiana for 13 years and I'm still surprised that I live here.

Scared or Lazy?

I’ve been thinking about writing, but not actually writing, and so I’ve asked myself the question, “am I afraid to write?” I answered myself with, “maybe I am, or maybe I’m just lazy.”I think both answers are correct. So what did I decide to do? I decided to […]

Not Shopping

Today is that day, the day they call Black Friday. It’s supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year, the day that businesses hope will put their accounts in the black. For the past several weeks, tv commercials have been trying to get all of us […]

Winter Blues

I’ve been feeling this low-grade depression overtaking me. I blame the shortening days, and the terrible state of the world. Probably the world wouldn’t seem quite so terrible to me if I didn’t have this low-grade depression. I’ve not been getting enough exercise, and my dietary habits are […]

What now?

I’m supposed to write, but I haven’t felt like it. I have a puppy and she makes me tired. I’ve been working at a computer all day long so I don’t want to touch one when I get home. Those are my excuses. Maybe I should make a […]

Sadie the puppy

Meet Sadie!

This is my puppy, Sadie. We found her at the Owen County Humane Society. She was in a fenced-in area with her brothers and sisters, all of whom seemed to knock her around and step on her. I guess she was the litter’s runt. We got her on […]

Make my mark?

I used to think that I was destined for greatness and fame. Part of me still does but then I think “what am I going to be great at?”, “What will I be famous for?” I’m 40 now so it feels like I’m running out of time even […]