Photo a Week Challenge: Contrasting Colors

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Mixed media art journal page

What and how?

I ask myself when I wake What am I doing? How should I proceed? What does my soul want? What does it need? I question my authority when I chime…


Sit with it Sit next to the pain Invite it for tea Listen Breathe Keep breathing

Felt like Monday

I’m not meant to get up early. You see, I’m not a good sleeper. I can get in bed and fall asleep without too much trouble, but I often wake…

Purple paint on a book page

Finding a way

Taking time for fitness For me, exercising as soon as I get home from work is the way to go. I can do something at home or go use the…


You took it for granted, didn’t you? Well, now it’s gone. Why won’t you move on? Get a new thing. Be different. Be still. Be silent. Go inside and don’t…


Sometimes a poem doesn’t come. That is a fact of life. So you throw words at birds and hope they take flight.