Cubicle Fun

There was a brief time when I would create monthly exhibits on my cubicle walls. It got to be too much trouble. Here’s a sample. I learned about the Highland Wildcat from M.C. Beaton’s Hamish Macbeth novels. In the new building we have an open plan workspace so there’s no more cube decorating for me. […]

Re-post: Artful Blogs

This is a piece that was originally posted in my soon-to-be retired “Look What I Found” blog. Learn more about why I’m doing these re-posts from this post. —————————————————– Artful Blogs There is a magazine published by Stampington & Company called Artful Blogging. I pick it up at Barnes and Noble from time to time […]

A slight reconfiguration of my digital life

Here’s the deal. I’ve decided to shut down my “Look What I Found” blog. The blog was supposed to be about my journey into content curation, but it takes a lot of work to really curate properly. I don’t have that kind of time, so I’ve got a new plan. I will use Learnist  to […]

We’ll call this a journal entry

I see a lot of posts on the Internet about how everybody needs to use storytelling to sell their products, or make their elearning projects more effective. This sounds to me like yet another one of those trendy ideas that everyone is supposed to latch onto and talk about. So I’ve decided to investigate this […]

Lots and Lots of Good Stuff

There’s this new-ish thing I’m doing. I’m scouring the web for interesting articles, videos, comics, and images about technology. I’m the social media coordinator for the IT Training group at Indiana University and I want to give our Facebook likers and Twitter followers really interesting content so they’ll keep coming back and eventually take some […]

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