Me being me

I think of so much to write about when I’m in bed at night. I think deeply and poetically. Now, with the iPad on my lap, I have little to say. I was posting a lot to the blog a few months ago. I felt I was at the threshold of bringing my blog to […]


I did it!

My art is on display this month at Bloomington Stitchery. Who would have thunk that would happen? Well, I would have a little. This is an entry-level endeavor, but it took a lot of work. It’s great to find out what you’re capable of. I also have my handmade bracelets for sale at the shop. […]

Digital Libraries and Hot Air Balloons

I’m in class (Digital Libraries), thinking about how complicated this field is. Then I stopped writing and decided to pay attention to the lecture.   Now I continue this post and mention that Writing 101 starts next week. I’m hoping to participate as fully as I can because I want to be a better writer. I […]

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