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Dancing Big

The prompt is disappointment.

It occurs to me that I’m often disappointed after performing a dance solo. Over the last few years, the disapointment has been because of my wonky legs. I now know the wonkiness is because of MS. I’ve recently been designing solos that don’t require me to move about in the space too much. That’s okay because belly dance doesn’t have to big. It can be subtle. In modern dance, they tell you to be big and engulf the space. One of my dance goals is to be able to do a little more traveling onstage, and do it without fear. The key is spasticity management. The MS link in this post features a video about spasticity. It sounds like there are all kinds of ways to manage it. I’m confident that (with trial and error) I’ll find the right solution. I want to be a better belly dancer, so doing reguar drills will be part of my exercise regimen. Can being disappointed motivte you to do better?

Woman with bell bottom pants illustration.




New Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow Ernie goes back to work. I was going to have him take me to class, but I decided that I’m just not up for sitting in that warm room and listening to the lecture. I’ll stay home and finish my essay and maybe do some work.

Art journal spread.

Art journal spread.

Take it easy. Don’t do too much.

I will do the regular leg strength stuff, and stretch.

I will take the dogs out, but be careful.

I might do some art journaling.


Maybe think about food planning.

Already too much.




Strengthening My Resolve

I guess I’ll make a list of goals for 2015. After all, it’s the thing to do. And it makes for decent blog post fodder.

I think I’ll break them down into categories just to make the exercise more difficult than it needs to be. For now, the categories will be: Health and Fitness, Writing, Jewelry Making, Online Selling, and Art Making.

Here goes…

Health and Fitness
1. Eat more vegetables and legumes, and reduce saturated fat intake. That means more cooking at home.
2. Create workout routines to address both overall fitness, and specific muscular imbalances.

Writing and Blogging
1. Write every day. Write in one of my blogs every day. Try and write “ahead of time” posts to give myself blogging days off. Blog any bit of fiction that floats about in my head. Just get it out there!
2. Create a blogging master plan. This includes being more active on Twitter.
3. Restart content curation blog.
4. Write more weareiu posts.

Jewelry Making
1. Organize a work area.
2. Make more bottle-cap necklaces to sell at Bloomington Belly Dances.
3. Start learning wire techniques.
4. Start working with resin.

Online Selling
1. Make a plan for selling on Amazon and eBay.
2. Start going to library sales to gather used book stock.

Art Making
1. Sign up for the Sketchbook Project and do Zentangles methodically in the book.
2. Improve Photoshop skills by completing tutorials
3. Improve drawing skills

So that’s a lot. Probably too much. We’ll see how I do.

Pages from previous sketchbook

Pages from previous sketchbook


I’m 43 today. I feel like a mess. My lower back is killing me. I blame our horrible mattress. We’ll get a new one when the pickup truck gets its new battery.

I have concluded (for the umpteenth time) that I MUST have a regular Yoga practice. That’s got to be the thing that will fix my misalignments. I know I’m meant to be healthy!

The other conclusion is that nutrition should come before a lot of things on my “gotta do list.” Cook healthy meals first, blog second.

I’m 43 and time is running out.

I’m in the Wells Library basement, sitting on a bench across from this:


Spring Break Week

spring break week

This week is spring break for IU. Spring break doesn’t usually mean anything to me, but now that I’m a student, it does. I’m taking one class this semester, so it isn’t that big of a break for me. It does free up my Tuesday. I can use the time to work on the homework assignments that I haven’t finished yet. There is no due date for these assignments. The professor  said to turn the whole packet in sometime during the semester. I’m planning to get it to him next week.

I’m between projects at work. The one I just finished was delivered to the customer,  and they were happy with it. So much so that  they have another job for us.  The project was fairly tedious, so I kind of dread it, but it shows that I’m good at what I do. That means keeping my job. I also have another project coming up at the end of the month. I’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.

But this week will be kind of slow. I’d like to set some goals for myself so I can be good and productive.  I’ll be posting to social media as usual. I’m going to try and use this down time to create reusable content for our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  I would like to write at least one post for our tips blog. And maybe I’ll get around to finishing up that style guide for the video workshops.

Well that sounds like a plan to me! So tonight maybe I can get plenty of sleep and be ready to hit the ground running in the morning.

On the non work-related goals front, it would be great if I posted something to my other blog, “A Learning Experience.” I feel like there’s some content bubbling for that one. We’ll see.

The Power of ‘What If?’

This is a speech I wrote when I was in Toastmasters.



Take a moment to look around, and become aware of your surroundings.

Glance at the person sitting beside you.

Now that you’re acquainted with what’s on the outside, I’d like to spend the rest of our time together looking at what’s inside.

Ask yourself this question, “Am I satisfied with my life?”

What’s the answer? Do you  Immediately say “Yes, things are fine.”

Is that really true?

If we had no dreams or ambitions, the status quo would be good enough.

But we do dream of greater things.

The problem is we tell ourselves those dreams are just flights of fancy, and that we belong on earth with our feet on the ground.

Dreams are for people who are afraid to face reality.

What we sometimes forget is that yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality.

We’ve got light bulbs, airplanes, a polio vaccine, female members of congress.

We take those things for granted, but they each began with the dream of a single person.

We tell ourselves:

“I am who I am, and that is that.”

“Greatness is for other people.”

What if Martin Luther King, Jr. had said that?

So what-if I dream?

What if? What if? – two simple words that can change everything.

‘What if’ opens the door to possibilities

‘What if’ shines light on paths that were once shrouded in darkness

Close your eyes and think “What if? What if?”

Do you see pictures in your mind that haven’t appeared since childhood?

Do you see yourself strong and brave and beautiful? Are you fighting fires, building bridges, writing novels, changing lives?

You see something like that, don’t you? When your eyes are closed, there is only you.

There are no well-meaning friends advising you not to take risks, there are no TV commercials telling you that your skin is too wrinkled, or that your car is too small.

When you close your eyes, there is only you.

You  with the potential to do absolutely anything.

What if?

What if you decide to institute a new rule in your life?

The rule is, “no more saying the words “I can’t.”

It’s a hard rule to follow because we face difficult challenges every day.

If you’re tired of your job and it occurs to you that there are other jobs out there, it’s very likely that the thought of searching for a new job makes you nervous.

So you come up with hundreds of reasons why you should just stay where you are.

“I can’t quit my current job. I can’t afford to be unemployed for any length of time.”

“I can’t look for a new job while I’m still at this job, I don’t have the time.”

“I can’t imagine starting over at a new place.”

Now none of these excuses is unreasonable, but you could look at them as challenges rather than barriers.

What if you said, “I can start saving money and soon have enough of a cushion to be able to quit and look for a new position.”?


“I can search for jobs after work instead of watching TV.”

“I can imagine starting again because I’ll be coming to a new place with skills, experience, and enthusiasm.”

I’ll meet lots of great new people.”

What if you made a decision to see yourself with eyes open, the way you see yourself with eyes closed?

What if you decide to open your life to the question “What if?”

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