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Digital art

Hiding in Art

If you spend too much time looking at the world, you’ll see that there’s a lot of awful stuff out there. I’m on Twitter too much. I check the Washington Post online too often. These activities are not helping me or anybody else, and they are diminishing my […]

Woman with bell bottom pants illustration.

Dancing Big

The prompt is disappointment. It occurs to me that I’m often disappointed after performing a dance solo. Over the last few years, the disapointment has been because of my wonky legs. I now know the wonkiness is because of MS. I’ve recently been designing solos that don’t require me […]

Art journal spread.

New Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow Ernie goes back to work. I was going to have him take me to class, but I decided that I’m just not up for sitting in that warm room and listening to the lecture. I’ll stay home and finish my essay and maybe do some work. Take […]


I’m 43 today. I feel like a mess. My lower back is killing me. I blame our horrible mattress. We’ll get a new one when the pickup truck gets its new battery. I have concluded (for the umpteenth time) that I MUST have a regular Yoga practice. That’s […]

spring break week

Spring Break Week

This week is spring break for IU. Spring break doesn’t usually mean anything to me, but now that I’m a student, it does. I’m taking one class this semester, so it isn’t that big of a break for me. It does free up my Tuesday. I can use […]

Some ambitious goals here!

Do what you can

The YMCA has a big window where they display members’ new year’s resolutions. I took a picture of these two to remind me that it’s important to set goals that you’re ready for. We’re all at different places in life, and we do what we can.