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Digital art

Hiding in Art

If you spend too much time looking at the world, you’ll see that there’s a lot of awful stuff out there. I’m on Twitter too much. I check the Washington Post online too often. These activities are not helping me or anybody else, and they are diminishing my […]

Woman with bell bottom pants illustration.

Dancing Big

The prompt is disappointment. It occurs to me that I’m often disappointed after performing a dance solo. Over the last few years, the disapointment has been because of my wonky legs. I now know the wonkiness is because of MS. I’ve recently been designing solos that don’t require me […]


I’m 43 today. I feel like a mess. My lower back is killing me. I blame our horrible mattress. We’ll get a new one when the pickup truck gets its new battery. I have concluded (for the umpteenth time) that I MUST have a regular Yoga practice. That’s […]

Some ambitious goals here!

Do what you can

The YMCA has a big window where they display members’ new year’s resolutions. I took a picture of these two to remind me that it’s important to set goals that you’re ready for. We’re all at different places in life, and we do what we can.

Lizard to Duck

The Lizard/Duck Transformation

I was listening to the Wrestling with Depression podcast today. The episode featured Brendon Burns, an Australian comedian who has had problems with drugs and alcohol. He was talking about coming out of rehab and declaring himself a changed man, and his friends not necessarily believing it. He realized that you’re not really a […]

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