Reading is good for me

I came across this article, The Most Enjoyable Way to Improve Your Writing Skills, today via LinkedIn. The article, written by a communications professor, is about how reading helps make you a better writer. It’s no secret that good writers love to read, and they read a lot. This professor gives her students an assignment […]

Not a Good Fit (a much needed kick in the pants)

I’ll always remember the year I turned 40 as the year I lost two jobs in six months. In July the new “strategists” hired in my area at work decided that my skills weren’t needed in the group, so they downsized me. There was an opening in another group that it seemed I might be […]

Scared or Lazy?

I’ve been thinking about writing, but not actually writing, and so I’ve asked myself the question, “am I afraid to write?” I answered myself with, “maybe I am, or maybe I’m just lazy.”I think both answers are correct. So what did I decide to do? I decided to write about being too scared and too […]

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