Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bicycles, Motorcycles

Bikes and motorcycles in Bloomington.

Making it personal

Zero to Hero day 7 assignment: Create and upload your own header. I didn’t think my chosen theme would take a header, but upon checking this page, I found that it would support a 220×220 pixel image. I decided to make some kind of image collage of my face. Luckily I have plenty of pictures […]

I have a secret

The secret is that I might like the Fall I might like the way the sky looks when red and orange leaves dance playfully across it I might enjoy wearing sweaters and seeing pumpkins and opening the car window on my drive across town Don’t tell anyone I’m known as a complainer about Fall and […]

Flowers, data, and a dumpster

About Today I went over to the Poplars building today to learn about PowerPivot for Excel. I found a parking space right away in (case you were wondering). On the way into the building I saw some sunflowers. Then I came to this decorated dumpster. I had to take some pictures. Is that dog a character […]

Heck if I know what to write about

or about which to write The world is bright today. That is to say my world in Bloomington, Indiana. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy, and the office is full of natural light. I just took some pictures of those marshmallow-y, pillow-y clouds. I’m drinking water because I need to drink more […]

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