Sports and me

My husband knows a lot about sports, and so now I know a lot more about sports than I used  to.  He follows the NBA and the NFL, and he looks in on Indiana high school basketball.  And then there’s baseball. He loves baseball. I listen to him talk about baseball – a lot. I’ve […]


This is mundane

I’m peering over the top of my monitor, looking at the back of the monitor two desks away. It’s a Dell. I’m looking at the silvery, shiny elevator door and the white up and down arrows above the door. Neither arrow is lit. The screen between the arrows is displaying a number one. This is […]

So much

There is so  much to see and hear. There is so  much to touch. There are so  many books with words and pictures. There’s music, videos, paintings, drawings, real and virtual. We have plasma screens, tv screens computer screens, and of course bulletin boards with fliers stacked one on top of the other. Then there are blogs […]


What if I were to write everyday? Would anything special happen?  Of course something special would happen; I would become a better writer and in the process I would discover new parts of myself and work through some of the negative thoughts and anxieties that I carry around with me. You know, my “stuff”. It […]

The Lesson of the Moth (a re-post from my 2006 LiveJournal)

Jun. 26th, 2006 at 8:23 AM I was at a party and wanted to escape the noisy conversation for a few minutes, so I went to the balcony to see if the swimming pool water was still blue, still shimmering with summer moonlight. It was. I turned to face the other direction, to face the […]

Image 14 (a writing prompt)

I Googled “writing prompts” and found this page, Creative Writing Prompts, and I used this prompt: “..Take out those dusty photo albums. Pick out photo #14…Look at the photo for 2-3 minutes. Then for 10 minutes, write all the feelings that photograph made you feel. So I went to my Flickr account and picked a […]

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