A ramble about music

Music Music is everything. I don’t know how I’d live without it. I have a guitar that I don’t play anymore. When I did play, it was in a very beginner mediocre way, but it was enough. I wrote simple songs using the chords I could play. Playing and singing eased me out of some depressing […]

I want to believe

I never watched the X Files when it originally aired. I assumed it wasn’t something I’d be interested in, which is funny because I have been a Doctor Who fan since I discovered the show in the early eighties. I started watching the X Files on Netflix last year. I finished the series a few weeks […]

Not much has changed

Since yesterday There have been no great revelations The lights are as bright as they were Water is wet still But really Everything is different than it was A million cells have fallen off New ones replace them New cells that have something new to offer Perhaps Or they simply wish to maintain the status […]

Three of my favorite things

I’ve been inspired by  Elise Blaha. She  blogs here.  I found out about her from Somerset Studio’s Artful Blogging magazine (Feb/Mar/Apr 2012 issue). Elise blogs about crafting, food, gardening, goal setting, love, and life (and lots of other things). I liked her 26 Favorite Things  post so much that I thought I’d do something similar but […]

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