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Health and things

Let’s talk about: Multiple Myeloma Weight loss Exercising with MS Herbalists & Naturopaths Near Death Experience Life after death Love Art Writing Jewelry Meditation Podcasts That is a list of topics that are swimming around my head. It’s a prompt, of sorts-perhaps a promise. I must blog about […]


Let’s Do

Today Let’s do beautiful Sun, sky, food, drink, words, walks, hoops, loops, grass. Shorts, sweets, feet, dreams, waves, wonders, hopes,  legs, gifts. Let’s do all of it, everything, mindfully, joyfully. Today

The Power of ‘What If?’

This is a speech I wrote when I was in Toastmasters. Take a moment to look around, and become aware of your surroundings. Glance at the person sitting beside you. Now that you’re acquainted with what’s on the outside, I’d like to spend the rest of our time […]