All of the Leaves

When Autumn comes, I feel compelled to take pictures of all of the dying or dead leaves. This time of year makes me think of the song Autumn Leaves. There’s an interesting story behind the song. It comes from a French composer and a French poet. Many artists have recorded it, but my favorite rendition […]

A ramble about music

Music Music is everything. I don’t know how I’d live without it. I have a guitar that I don’t play anymore. When I did play, it was in a very beginner mediocre way, but it was enough. I wrote simple songs using the chords I could play. Playing and singing eased me out of some depressing […]

Music is Everything

Music is everything. Music makes us human, and it shows us our humanity. Music comes from the earth, but music is heaven. If you are ever lost, music will find you. Music is a companion for the lonely. When you are weak, music is your strength. When you can’t speak, it is your voice. Music […]

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