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The prompt is interior. When I was a kid, my mom had the Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book. I loved this book! I would look at the rooms (all in 70s style) and dream of having my own house to decorate. As a teen, I read decorating […]

Digital painting of birds.

Too Early

It’s really too early to write. Brain and body say no. Just drink your tea and go back to bed. There’s nothing to be said. I know that it’s quiet. Quiet is good. I can hear my thoughts. I can hear birds chirping and the fridge running. Across […]


I didn’t expect today to feel the way it did It felt a bit like nothing Everything went right I think But I feel as if I missed all of it I’m as blank as today’s sky was grey I await some sign of something significant Now I’m […]

Progress Delayed

I was sitting at a workstation in the Library Information Commons here at IUB, writing a post for my much neglected A Learning Experience blog. I noticed a rather strange guy approaching one of the nearby computers. I thought he was strange because he didn’t look like an […]

Illustration of bowl of red gelatin

Food Ruiners

Years ago, when I was in graduate school for dance, I was sitting in the dance studio between classes and eating Jello. One of the undergraduate students sat down next to me and said , “Do you know you’re eating horses hooves?”  I can’t remember what my response […]

Not Robby Benson

Ernie and I were at Walmart tonight. We were walking down the main aisle in the grocery section and we saw this guy. He had long dark hair with a little grey at the temples. He   wore an over-sized t-shirt with cut off sleeves, and baggy blue […]