Category: Poetry

Things will be fine

Let’s be good for a change Let’s not jump to conclusions Or be quick to judge All of this is illusion Maybe don’t hold a grudge You have a story much like mine Let’s agree that things will be fine Let’s be nice Let’s be kind Let’s take […]

Climbing up hope

Understanding is knowing Knowing becomes believing Faith engenders hope That slippery rope We climb and climb and climb so high And fall so very far Then we learn again That understanding is fleeting Knowing is not a guarantee Believing might be delusion After all the climbing and falling […]

11:00 am Moon

I looked up and saw the moon It hovered in the blue sky Was this right? Can you see the moon in broad daylight? I must have had this experience before Sometime in 47 years I have surely seen a daytime moon I looked away and then looked […]

Never was

She drives around in her silver car and watches for signs She thinks that birds are messengers from the other side She expects to see the wolfman, or the snake-headed dog one day She thinks she might accidentally travel in time Her doppelganger is just around the corner […]