Shadow of tree on metal utility cover


So many plans that are really only notionsNot even hopesCertainly not dreamsThey could easily drift away on life’s mundane breeze Advertisements



Unknot your butterflies Let them rest on your eyelids, your temples, your lips Soft as silk Let them breathe soft breezes to you

Cheese Vortex

When you think you have it That’s when you’ve lost it It slips from your hands Like grains of sand Someone moved your cheese and redesigned the maze Your proverbial…

My Fickle Nature

I got ahead of myself again I jumped in too soon Without a plan My eyes were closed My heart open It must have been a leap of faith But…

Mixed media art journal page

What and how?

I ask myself when I wake What am I doing? How should I proceed? What does my soul want? What does it need? I question my authority when I chime…

Butterfly at rest

Butterfly whisper

Butterflies waft past the poet’s ear They whisper rhymes in rhythm She holds their ageless wisdom Then breathes to life a song

Fully and brightly

I feel a vibration at my edgesI might break apart and re-formOne phase will fold into the nextYou can see traces of my lightPushing through the cracksof this eggshellMy light…


These days I feel like I’m drifting Floating in a windless sky I’m not sure who to be Or who is me There’s a disconnect The ties to this world…


You can’t get aheadIt’s not possibleNot in any lasting tangible senseYou may think you’re aheadBut you’ve only caught upBecause the thing that is finished Must be replacedWith something fresh and…


Look at the ground You’ll see the breadcrumbs that you scattered In anticipation of this time of confusion This time of being lost Now follow your lead