Category: Poetry

The Water is Fine

To keep my promise I’ll need to stay alert and Sit at the ready But sleep more soundly and Keep eyes open Watch each bird and Count every stone Divide and divine and define The finite is final The water is fine When the moment is mine

A little prayer

I’m here Asking God To send my love To those who are Hungry, Lonely or in Despair To those who use hate as a mask for fear To the sick To the weak To the greedy To those who have hurt me To those who I have wronged […]

August 6 Writing Prompt

Jupiter Glow is the prompt provided by Putting My Feet in the Dirt After 10 minutes of free writing, I extracted this poem. I’ve seen the planet Jupiter in books It’s the fifth one from the sun It’s over there by Mars, just before Saturn It’s the biggest […]

Screenshot from video.

Woman in the Wall

A little PowerPoint animation and poem from 2008. The face was drawn (not by me) on a wall at work. Is there anything in her face that reminds you of yourself? She’s not real But there’s something about her You can’t quite put your finger on it You […]

Just Be

I wish I could live up to my own hype I wish I could do things right I wish I could touch the stars at night And burn as bright I wish the birds would talk to me I wish they’d tell me how to be  I dearly […]



Whisper – April 26 Water is noisy. Trees are tall. Hope is graceful. I will speak quietly. Water is destructive. Trees are necessary. Hope is beauty. I will start over.