Category: Prose

Just when I think

Just when I think I have it, I find that I don’t. I probably never will. Waiting for magic to happen is the worst thing you can do, because while you’re waiting, magic is springing up all around you. You have to allow yourself to see it. Ask […]

Birds for Thought

She stood outside the door, holding the dog’s leash, waiting for the pretty chocolate lab to do her business. She looked up in time to see two large crows winging their way across the sky. Her eyes followed them until they were out of site. Then two more […]

A Pillar on High

I’m feeling like someone who is sitting atop a 50 foot pillar. The pillar sways in the wind, threatening to fling me into the empty oblivion. I cling to it desperately. But what good is it to be perched here so high? I can see you, but when […]


She had too many secrets to keep. Most of her secrets weren’t at all interesting, but she kept them close believing¬†her soul should be a mystery. The secrets were wound tightly around her heart like duct tape on a leaky pipe,¬†an insufficient and temporary stop gap. One day, […]


I need some time, and some space. And then there’s energy. I need more energy. You see, there are so many things that I want to do. There are things I want to build. Beautiful things I want to give birth to and then nurture, and then release. […]

I have a secret

The secret is that I might like the Fall I might like the way the sky looks when red and orange leaves dance playfully across it I might enjoy wearing sweaters and seeing pumpkins and opening the car window on my drive across town Don’t tell anyone I’m […]