Am I done yet? Have I completed the tasks I came to Earth to do? Sometimes it feels as if I’m spinning my wheels. Just taking up space. Advertisements

Lotus blossom on pond

This life and others

I feel I’ve lived a thousand lives I wanted to write a poem about reincarnation. About the knowing I have that this life, in this body is just one of…

Forever never ends

August 22 prompt from Putting My Feet in the Dirt – Fighting for a forever Do you ever get tired of trying? A lot of effort goes into being alive.…

Three Line Tales Week 133

3LineTales challenge I was a lion in one of my past lives. We were predators, me and my pride. We always gave thanks for the meat.


A daily prompt entry I want to be in the club and not pay dues. I want to get drunk and have no morning hangover. I want to eat all…

Always here

I have a cat named OJ. He’s kind of a strange cat. When I say that to certain people, they make a joke about all cats being strange. I think…