A little bit of nothing

I considered writing a poem that would begin with the words “poetry smoetry,” but I dismissed the idea believing it would go nowhere. I finally wrote that post about audiobooks. For the record, I found another @girl in the title” audiobook. It’s The Girl from the Sea by Shalini Boland. So far, it’s good. We […]

An Imposter

I’m in grad school for Library Science and I’m taking what I think is my last class this summer. I feel like the dumbest person in class. A few of these people are working on dissertations. Most of them have undergraduate degrees in fields much more rigorous than mine. They just know more stuff than […]

Learning what I shouldn’t do

The topic today in class is probability. I’m understnding some of it. I remind myself that there are only 7 more classes left. I can get through this, and I don’t have to do this stuff much ever again. There are things that I’m good at.  I need to focus on getting better at those […]

Summer Angst

I’m taking a course during IU’s six week summer session. It’s about learning how to evaluate information resources and services. We learn to do this by learning to conduct research on said resources and services. This really doesn’t feel like my area. It doesn’t seem like it’s “my thing.”  There are a lot of assignments […]

Digital Libraries and Hot Air Balloons

I’m in class (Digital Libraries), thinking about how complicated this field is. Then I stopped writing and decided to pay attention to the lecture.   Now I continue this post and mention that Writing 101 starts next week. I’m hoping to participate as fully as I can because I want to be a better writer. I […]

Mini meltdown before going down that path

I’ve mentioned here before that I need a degree that is not a dance degree so I can get a full-time job as something other than a clerical worker.  I have begun filling out the application for the Masters program in Instructional Systems Technology at IU.  I am registered to take the GRE in December. […]

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