This week in goals

I’m going on record with a list of things I’d like to accomplish this week. We’ll see what happens. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day Try making stickers with my Cricut Write and schedule at least 3 blog posts Finish my Instagram presentation for work Do some digi scrapping Avoid compulsive news consumption Don’t […]

Multiple Sclerosis researchers aren’t phoning it in

This is recent Science Node article of mine. I’m still learning to be okay with an editor’s tweaks. My style is probably a little drier than his. Duke researchers use smartphones to paint a clearer picture of multiple sclerosis. Speed read Multiple sclerosis is a multifaceted neurological disorder that can perplex scientists. To fill in […]

Good People

When my husband’s co-workers heard about my MS diagnosis they were terribly concerned for me and for him. They understood he’d be missing work a bit, and they said his number one job is to take care of me. They said they would pray for me. So many people are praying for me, and keeping […]

Learning what I shouldn’t do

The topic today in class is probability. I’m understnding some of it. I remind myself that there are only 7 more classes left. I can get through this, and I don’t have to do this stuff much ever again. There are things that I’m good at.  I need to focus on getting better at those […]

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