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Another excerpt from my abandoned novel

This post contains affiliate links. Friday again. It wasn’t such a bad week. Fall is here, the leaves are turning, and I get to wear sweaters. I have this huge…

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Text in binder

My abandoned novel

I was writing a novel twenty-something years ago. I gave it up because it was too autobiographical, too much of me feeling sorry for myself. I’ve decided to share random…

Weekend Writing Prompt #105–Denial

Denial in 77 words I’m a week late with this one, but here it is anyway. If you tell me that denial is a river in Egypt, I’ll laugh and…

Sparrow on a wire

Weekend Writing Prompt: Vulnerable

We are often afraid and always anxious. We think we are vulnerable. We are not. We are eternal. That’s my belief.

Car on wet city street at night

Three Line Tales: Week 169

Week 169 I was afraid to go home. It feels safer to keep driving. I drive to embrace the night.

Butterfly at rest

Butterfly whisper

Butterflies waft past the poet’s ear They whisper rhymes in rhythm She holds their ageless wisdom Then breathes to life a song

Large clock window

Three Line Tales: Week 165

From this page. My time machine is broken. It allows me to remember my failures. It won’t let me move on.

Some new light

Previously A few weeks ago I talked about being sick and having extreme tingles. I was beginning to think I might be experiencing my “new normal.” This must be how…

Not quite right and doodling

I came down with a cold, or something that resembled a cold, a few weeks ago. I took a Monday off and then worked the rest of the week. I…

Three Line Tales Week 160

Week 160 We have to stand for something. The alternative is unfathomable. Death will take us one day, no matter what we do.