Category: Writing

Note to self

Don’t even think about writing a poem about writing a poem. That’s just the type of thing you like to do, isn’t it? I know your type. And please don’t start choreographing some modern dance piece where you stand on stage and talk about Doris Humphrey, asymmetry, and […]

Thinking about the body

Yesterday I’m at my local Planet Fitness recovering from my 20-minute treadmill walk and a smattering of strength training. I need this recovery period to get my legs working a little better. I’m uncomfortable crossing the road to get to my car. Today I’m at home on the […]

11:00 am Moon

I looked up and saw the moon It hovered in the blue sky Was this right? Can you see the moon in broad daylight? I must have had this experience before Sometime in 47 years I have surely seen a daytime moon I looked away and then looked […]