How do I do it?

This will maybe be a stream-of-consciousness kind of post, but I’ve already edited myself a couple of times, so maybe it won’t. For some reason the question “how do I do it?” came to mind. What is this “it” that I wonder about? How does anybody do anything? When you think you’re going to write in […]


Heck if I know what to write about

or about which to write The world is bright today. That is to say my world in Bloomington, Indiana. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy, and the office is full of natural light. I just took some pictures of those marshmallow-y, pillow-y clouds. I’m drinking water because I need to drink more […]


What if I were to write everyday? Would anything special happen?  Of course something special would happen; I would become a better writer and in the process I would discover new parts of myself and work through some of the negative thoughts and anxieties that I carry around with me. You know, my “stuff”. It […]

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