From my phone

I’m attempting to blog from my iPhone. Because I need to write. I need to know that I have written. I’m in my car waiting for 6:30, when belly dance class starts. I’m wondering if I’ll quit again when this 6 week stint is up. The weather is very pleasant. Fall has arrived and it […]



-Describe each day of the week as if it was a person. A writing prompt found here: Monday has a bit of an attitude problem. He hates everybody and everything (including himself). He grips his coffee mug as he stomps around the office. If someone says hello to him he pretends everything is fine and […]

Close your eyes, think of an object: writing prompt

The black chair It’s not leather but it’s supposed to look like leather. Cammie, our chihuahua, has claimed the chair as her own. She sleeps in it everyday. When she’s in it, all curled up, you almost can’t see her because her dark brown (almost black) fur blends into the faux leather. The chair has […]

Cloudy Images

I saw big, white, billowy clouds in the June blue sky today. They were like giant soft stones, hovering above me, still and silent. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t think I could do them justice. A picture can’t capture the essence of a cloud. A picture doesn’t really capture anything does […]


What if I were to write everyday? Would anything special happen?  Of course something special would happen; I would become a better writer and in the process I would discover new parts of myself and work through some of the negative thoughts and anxieties that I carry around with me. You know, my “stuff”. It […]

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