I have a secret

The secret is that I might like the Fall I might like the way the sky looks when red and orange leaves dance playfully across it I might enjoy wearing sweaters and seeing pumpkins and opening the car window on my drive across town Don’t tell anyone I’m […]

table illustration

Kitchen Table

I have a character named Cynthia  that I sometimes conjure up when I’m trying to write fiction. Here’s a little scene that has never gone anywhere. I think it has some promise though. Kitchen Table Cynthia sat at the kitchen table waiting. She wasn’t waiting for the toast […]

Falling down the math hole

Dear GRE

Dear Gre, You’re making me nervous. You are stressing me out. I admit that I haven’t been preparing in earnest. I don’t have a lot of time. You’re probably thinking that I could make time. I could watch less TV, and not play Angry Birds quite as much. […]

A Piece of Prose

Across the Parking Lot  Every day that week she made the short trip across the parking lot, and into the neighboring building, just to see him. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t always solely to see him. On Monday, it was to pick up a package at the […]

Not Robby Benson

Ernie and I were at Walmart tonight. We were walking down the main aisle in the grocery section and we saw this guy. He had long dark hair with a little grey at the temples. He   wore an over-sized t-shirt with cut off sleeves, and baggy blue […]

The Power of ‘What If?’

This is a speech I wrote when I was in Toastmasters. Take a moment to look around, and become aware of your surroundings. Glance at the person sitting beside you. Now that you’re acquainted with what’s on the outside, I’d like to spend the rest of our time […]