East could be West

Life as a human is strange

There are certain obligations

Things we’re required to do

What happens when we just don’t?

What if we all just decided to stop?

What if we turned around and walked in the other direction?

We could turn our backs on what we know and let night be day. East could be west.

We could set normal aside and embrace the unknown.

We could be human in different ways.

Would it all add up to the same amount of strange?

Would we simply be walking in circles?

Digital collage
By L.M. Reed

Three Line Tales Week 149

Week 149

Boris Smokrovik. via Unsplash

I see you looking fine in your flashy yellow suit. Let’s you and me fly down to the club and groove to some of that jazz they play down there. We’ll get drunk on a big-ass flower and get down to business.

Three years ago

I made this piece with the Art Set app three years ago.

Abstract digital painting
Abstract digital painting by Laura McCain Reed.

It’s funny how I like my art better once I’ve stepped away from it.

This one makes me think of outer space and a storm within the earth’s atmosphere coming together.

Space is only an illusion, isn’t it? The universe is really nonlocal. I’m ready to accept that paradigm. I’m ready for the frequency of my vibration to increase.


When you challenge yourself to do better and then don’t

You decide to try harder the next time

You say, “this is the weekend I’ll get things done”

You say, “I’ll schedule my time”

You say, “I won’t sleep in”

“I’ll go to the gym”

“I’ll clean the bathtub”

Suddenly it’s Sunday and you’ve done none of it

And you ate badly

And you feel defeated knowing that it will happen the same way next weekend

Tiger on its back