I didn’t write today

I didn’t write today. I thought and thought about writing. I thought about what to write, but in the end I didn’t write. I let myself down. I had given myself the task of writing something everyday, but I didn’t write today so I feel bad. I slept […]



I’m thinking about bunnies. Cute little bunny rabbits. My neighborhood is filled with them! Mornings when I’m leaving for work there are often  one or two in the yard to greet me. They just sit there looking so peacful and serene. I try to be quiet so as […]

My Pearltrees

Adding love

Big Thought for the Day This morning I’ve been pondering the fact that I have received everything I’ve asked for. It’s happened time and time again, at work and in life. They say you should be careful what you wish for. I’m thinking that this is good advice, […]


What if I were to write everyday? Would anything special happen?  Of course something special would happen; I would become a better writer and in the process I would discover new parts of myself and work through some of the negative thoughts and anxieties that I carry around […]

Magical Realist Fiction, An Anthology

Writing Class

I signed up for a 6-week writing class. I attended the first two class meetings, and that was it. Here’s the story. The class was about reading and writing Magical  Realist fiction. Check out this Wikipedia article about Magical realism, if you want to know what that is. […]

More lists to make

I’ve entered a new phase of my career in Information Technology, and I’m nervous but excited. If you’ve been following along with the blog for the last several months, you’ll know that my work life has been in a state of flux. Here’s a timeline: July 2011 – […]

It gave me pause

I recently  interviewed for an hourly position with the IT Training and Education group at IU’s UITS. I had to teach about 15 minutes of a training workshop, and I chose one on PowerPoint because I think I’m quite proficient with that  program.  I spent some time during […]

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