Some short poems

Stop You know we are freeHere to live, learn, and to love Stop to think of that What bird I asked the birdAre you a robin?Or could you be an oriole?The bird said nothingI didn’t ask again TV You can’t write a good poemWhile watching tvI’m trying now to do just thatI need a word […]


Too Early

It’s really too early to write. Brain and body say no. Just drink your tea and go back to bed. There’s nothing to be said. I know that it’s quiet. Quiet is good. I can hear my thoughts. I can hear birds chirping and the fridge running. Across the street, a car door slams.  Someone’s […]

Birds for Thought

She stood outside the door, holding the dog’s leash, waiting for the pretty chocolate lab to do her business. She looked up in time to see two large crows winging their way across the sky. Her eyes followed them until they were out of site. Then two more passed, and then three.  There was something […]

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