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Screenshot of a Happy Planner demo/tutorial

Planning Happily?

Artful Blogging is my favorite magazine. You’d think I’d buy it more often, or subscribe. I’m always inspired by the images and blogger stories in the magazine. Brittany Sherman of vavoomvintage.net was featured in the latest issue. She talked about using “batch blogging” to keep her content flowing. […]

A Plan

I have too many blogs. I update this one most frequently. It’s kind of a general-purpose place to document my doings. I have one that’s supposed to be about me doing mixed media and other types of art. There’s another one dedicated to my making and appreciating jewelry. […]

Who and Why

I like the idea of blogging. I think it’s neat that ordinary people like me can easily publish their thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, etc., on this thing we call the Internet. As a child, I always thought I would become a writer, but I didn’t major in English. […]

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