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Writing Prompt: Everything Changes (from Aug. 2014)

August sneaked up on me. I should have known it was coming when the first day of summer happened. Well, I did know. The summer solstice, a day that I used to look forward to, has become a reminder that winter is on its way. The days start getting shorter, and I begin to feel like I’m running out of time. I am of course running out of time. Aren’t we all?

It’s hot and muggy today because this is August, and that’s what August does. It serves as summer’s next to last hurrah. The last hurrah is that week in October when the temperatures are in the upper 70s or even mid-80s. Nature is a tease.

I’m on the sidewalk on 10th street, heading toward the big empty bus shelter.  I’m wondering if the bus will be late again. I look up at the overcast sky and hope I can get off of the bus and to my car before the rain starts. It may not rain, but it looks like it might. Out of nowhere comes a surprisingly cool breeze. It blows my skirt up, and as I look down to make sure I’m not flashing my underwear, I see a piece of paper by my right foot. It isn’t an ordinary piece of paper though. It’s one of those origami fortune telling things that kids in grade school used to create.

I pick it up, stick the thumb and forefinger of each hand in the slots, and open and close the device to see what my future might hold.  It’s blank. There is nothing. No boys’ names, no cities where I might one day live, no numbers, no nothing. Is this a sign? Does this mean that the future is mine to determine?

I could tell you that from that day forward my life changed because I decided to take control of my destiny.  I could tell you that I quickly became successful and that all of my dreams suddenly came true. That didn’t happen. What I did do was begin to believe in myself a little more. I started working harder to achieve my dreams because the blank origami fortune teller showed me that nothing is specific. Success isn’t certain, but neither is failure. So why not give life my best try.



Oragami fortune telling device

Here we go

There are a lot of adjustments that I’ll need to make to my life to manage my MS symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Eating better means cooking more. Cooking means planning. Planning takes work. Work takes energy. Energy use must be managed well. 

Then there’s exercise, PT, stress management, and such.

Of course work and school have to fit in somewhere too.

Don’t forget making art and dancing.

And then I want to write more, because I’m loving the writing.

Take a breath.

Thanks dear friends and readers for all of your support! Breathe with me!


Photo of  my shadow on the rehab wall.
Sittiing on my rehab bed.

Not much has changed

Since yesterday
There have been no great revelations
The lights are as bright as they were
Water is wet still

But really

Everything is different
than it was
A million cells have fallen off
New ones replace them

New cells that have something new to offer
Or they simply wish to maintain the status quo

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday. He said that he was finished with this life. He said that if things don’t change, “I’m out of here.”
I thought he was announcing a suicide plan. I was prepared to call a hotline.
Then, he said he would move out of this town. He wants a fresh start.

I was tempted to tell him that no matter where he goes, he won’t be able to escape himself. He’ll probably find another woman who is just like his current girlfriend. He hints that the girlfriend is part of his problem. I’ll bet that this woman is a lot like is ex-wife.

I wanted to tell him these things, but I don’t know him well, and it’s really none of my business. I am just as guilty of repeating behaviors that deliver not-so-good results. So I’ll wish the guy luck, shed my skin, and hope that the new skin has some innovative ideas.