Writing Prompt: Everything Changes (from Aug. 2014)

August sneaked up on me. I should have known it was coming when the first day of summer happened. Well, I did know. The summer solstice, a day that I used to look forward to, has become a reminder that winter is on its way. The days start getting shorter, and I begin to feel […]


Here we go

There are a lot of adjustments that I’ll need to make to my life to manage my MS symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Eating better means cooking more. Cooking means planning. Planning takes work. Work takes energy. Energy use must be managed well.  Then there’s exercise, PT, stress management, and such. Of course work and school […]

Not much has changed

Since yesterday There have been no great revelations The lights are as bright as they were Water is wet still But really Everything is different than it was A million cells have fallen off New ones replace them New cells that have something new to offer Perhaps Or they simply wish to maintain the status […]

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