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From an old WordPress Discover Challenge

Life is rearranging the same elements day after tedious day.

Digital collage Digital collageDigital collageDigital collageDigital collageDigital collage


Collage but don’t write

My new thing is digital collage. Here’s a video showing the stuff I’ve created so far. I’ve been getting images from Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and my own collection.

I use Photofox and Procreate for iPad. I think I’m doing this instead of writing. Why can’t I become obsessed with writing?

Lost My Mojo

For the last few weeks I've been getting my spiritual groove on. I was secure in the knowledge that I am at one with the universe and that my thoughts have the power to shape reality. I felt as if everything was fine because everything I see is only an illusion. I was feeling infinite and eternal with no beginning and no end. Something happened to make me lose those feelings.

Could it be that I subject myself to too much noise? I have been spending too much time on Twitter. I get free access to the Washington Post online edition with my IU credentials, so I've been spending too much time there. I listen a lot to the Thinking Sideways podcast. Maybe I've got too much of other peoples' stuff in my head.

I've been working on wrapped loops.


I started a couple of collage collage projects. I hope to find some greater meaning through these works.



I finished writing a piece for work that I'm proud of.

Now to take some time for myself. It's time to start meditating. It's time for silence.

The Art Journal from 12/30/16

Lately, I’ve been art journaling more frequently. The other day I decided to draw a design on the page and then add color with small brushes. I am pleased with the result.

Art journal page. Orange, grey, purple, red.
Shapie, acrylics, tissue wrap.

The next thing I wanted to try was painting on top of photographs that I printed out. It didn’t work the way I wanted, so I ended up covering the images completely and trying something else.



The next thing I’d like to try is recreating some of my digital pieces with real paint and other media. I might start with this one.



Inspiration Collage from 8/28/16

For her most recent Inspiration Wednesday, Donna Downey worked from her stash of washi tape. I attempted to follow suit using my meager tape (not all actual washi) supply. What I did was very different from Donna’s work. It became more of an exercise in collage. I tried to use up some of my artsy scraps. This is what it turned out to be. I had fun!

Making it personal

Zero to Hero day 7 assignment: Create and upload your own header.

I didn’t think my chosen theme would take a header, but upon checking this page, I found that it would support a 220×220 pixel image.

I decided to make some kind of image collage of my face. Luckily I have plenty of pictures of myself. Call me a selfie-aholic.

I decided on these shots:

The four images I used for the collage
The four images I used for the collage

The first three versions I made were too dark for the title text to be visible. I worked in Photoshop CS6, by the way.

Too dark for title text to show.
First version
2nd version of header image.
2nd version of header image still too dark

I finally decided to put a white stroke of paint in the middle so the text would have a nice contrasting background. I don’t totally love it, but it’s good enough for now.

Final version with stroke of white paint
Final version with stroke of white paint

And here’s what it looks like:

The header as it looks on the page
The header as it looks on the page

In other news, I did the forward bend segment of Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week DVD this morning. I had a little bit of an emotional breakthrough after the session.  I have to get serious about my yoga practice! It might be the key to everything, or at least to a lot of things.