Digitally manipulated self-portrait

Freedom of Expression Challenge–Vision

Vision Versions of a Self-Portrait Advertisements


With Words

I’ve seen many crows flying around in my town for the last few days. These are sizable birds. When I see birds I think they must have a message for me. Maybe some of them do. Crows are able to recognize people’s faces. Is there a crow out there that knows me? My life as […]

Collage but don’t write

My new thing is digital collage. Here’s a video showing the stuff I’ve created so far. I’ve been getting images from Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, and my own collection. I use Photofox and Procreate for iPad. I think I’m doing this instead of writing. Why can’t I become obsessed with writing?

The Art Journal from 12/30/16

Lately, I’ve been art journaling more frequently. The other day I decided to draw a design on the page and then add color with small brushes. I am pleased with the result. The next thing I wanted to try was painting on top of photographs that I printed out. It didn’t work the way I […]

My Digital Dabblings – Dreamscope from 3/29/16

My iPhone has become my main canvas. I have a compelling need to make digital art all the time, day and night. I use these apps on my iPhone and iPad. I’m really loving an app called Dreamscope.  Go to their Facebook page for more info. Here is some of what I’ve done with it.

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